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Apr. 25, 2012
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Restorations of oral defects due to cancer, congenital abnormalities or trauma

Restorations of oral function and appearance are very important for the oral cancer patients after the surgery.

Rehabilitation of oral defects

Rehabilitation includes dental prosthesis (an artificial dental device) and dental implants. It also involves speech therapy, dietary counseling. These rehabilitations help you return to normal activities. The goals of rehabilitation depend on the extent of the disease and type of treatment. In case of your oral cancer is large to rebuild the bones or tissues of the mouth is impossible. On that case, your prosthodontist can make you prosthesis to help you to eat and talk. You need to train to learn to use it.

Rehabilitation of treatment plan

Rehabilitation is an essential phase of cancer care and should be considered from the time of diagnosis in a complete and comprehensive treatment plan. Surgical resections often create large defects accompanied by dysfunction and disfigurement, and radiation therapy produces significant morbidity and unique tissue-management problems. Speech, swallowing, control of saliva, and mastication can all be adversely affected. If these cosmetic and functional impairments are not corrected or minimized, the patient may be unable to resume a normal working and social life.

Key Benefits of Restorations of oral defects

  • Your health care team will try to help you return to normal activities as soon as possible.
  • Your prosthodontist can make you a prosthesis to help you to eat and talk.